Roods & Reeds (D) // Tonfink, Lübeck

Roods & Reeds (D) // Tonfink, Lübeck
Samstag | 7. April 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

Roods & Reeds steht für Singer-/Songwritermusik von der Hamburgerin Dagmar Lauschke (voc, git) und Leonard Poppe (git). Die Lieder stammen aus der Feder der Musikerin oder sind aus dem reichen anglo-irischen Folk-Song-Fundus entliehen und neu interpretiert.

„Roods & Reeds“ stands for carefully composed songs in which love for life, melancholia and rhythm are interwoven to create music that reaches out to the listener. They are either our own songs or borrowed from the abundant range of Irish, English and Scottish folk songs and interpreted in our very own way. Occasionally, a pop piece (sometimes being originally made of lots of synthesized-sounds) finds its way into my musical treasure box, although transformed into an acoustic folk piece.
Since spring 2016, guitarist Leonard Poppe is on board adding depth and richness to the repertoire with his tender yet intense approach.